Bactvipe - (IPL)

BrandIPL Dosage3 ml / Liter
BACTVIPE (Pseudomonas fluorescens -CFU 2 x 108 8 per gm I CFU 2 x 10 per ml):
*Effective control of Seed, Soil & Air borne Diseases
Mode of Action:
• Pseudomonas fluorescens utilizes seed and root exudates to multiply in the rhizopshere of the soils.
• It also produces siderophore which chelate with iron in the soil, and make it difficult for the pathogens to proliferate.
• It secretes several plant growth substances, and these gibberellins like compounds contribute to vigorous and inhibit the growth of disease causing pathogens.
• It induce systemic resistance in host plant and also produce secondary metabolite (2, 4 - DAPG) 2, 4 - diacetyl phloroglucinol which is responsible for antiphyto pathogenic and bio contro properties.
*Highly effective to control diseases like Root rot, Stem rot, Collar Rot, Wilt, Blights, Leaf spots, Anthracnose, Alternaria and Downy & Powdery mildew