Blue Copper (CopperOxyChloride 50%)-Crystal (500)

500 Grams
Nt.Wt / Cont.
500 Grams / Unit
BrandCrystal dose500-700per acre
Technical Name Copper Oxychloride 50% WP
Action Mode Contact and protective fungicide. Anti-bactericide. Inorganic group.
Target disease/Fungus Leaf Spot, Fruit Rot, Foot Rot, Canker Fruit Rot, Clump Rot, Black Rot, Rust, Blight, Brown Leaf Spot, Bud Rot, Early and Late Blight, Blister blight, Red Rust, Frog Eye, Black Shank, Downey Mildew,
Major Crops Potatos,Tomato, Fruits, Tobacco, Vegetables, Coffee, Tea
Dose/Acre 500-700 gm/acre