IPL - 4G (Growth Promoter) (500ml)

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BrandIPL TypeGrowth Promoter

4G (Growth Promoter):


Humic and fulvic acid - 40 to 50gms/lit (including succinic, oxalic, malic and carboxylic acid in fulvic acid fraction; amino acids, carbohydratesand vitamins). Total nitrogen- 1 to 3 gms/lit, Phosporus - 100 to 200 mg/lit, Pottassium - 5 to 15 gms/lit, presence of sSlica, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, Iron, Manganese and Cobalt.


  • Enhances leaf size, color, flowering and fruiting
    • Increases yield with larger and better quality fruits
    • Improves vigour and resistance towards major diseases and insect attack
    • Maximizes the stress tolerance of plants like water stress, dry, frost and temperature imbalances
    • It stimulates overall plant growth and biomass development by accelerating cell division for thicker cell wall in fruits and vegetables for prolonged storage and shelf life
    • Helps to eliminate chlorosis due to trace elements deficiency in plants
    • Promote the development of chlorophyll, carbo-hydrates and amino acids in plants and aid in photosynthesis
    • 5G improves overall the quality; improve their physical appearance and nutritional value

Mode of Action:

4G has a unique biological activity and prolonged action. It increases the productivity of different crops by 10-50%; decreases application rates of agrochemicals by 20-40%; removes stress from pesticides and agro-chemicals; maintains plant resistance to bacterial and fungi diseases as well as to drought. Over wetting, frosts and others; improves the production quality; maintains soil waterholding capacity and fertility; bonds pesticides residues, heavy metals, and radionuclides in soil; prevents their input into plants and soil – ground waters.

Target Crops:

All type of Crops like ; Vegetables, Cereals, Fruits, Flowers and Ornamental Plants etc.