Mulching Film Sheet (25 Micron) 1.2 X 400 Mtr (4 Ft)

12 Kilograms
Nt.Wt / Cont.
12 Kilograms / Centimeter
BrandShree Radhe Govind Micron25Size4 Feet X 400 MeterColourBlack & Silver

Shree Radhey Govind - Mulching Film Sheet widely used for reduce Weed germination and Growth.  It helps to reduce Water loss due to evaporation from the soil surface and maintain humidity at the root level. 

It also helps in adjusting light and heat conditions and provides the optimal root level temperature. It also Insulate the plants from moist soil, preventing contact and dramatically reducing fruit rot, a drier microclimate reduces plant sensitivity to diseasesMulch Films reduces the incidence of insects and insect vectored viral diseases.


Specifications Details
Colour Balck & Silver
Length 400 Meter
Width 1.2 Meter (4 Feet)
Micron 25